International Students

International Students
In an increasingly interconnected world, Berkeley welcomes applications from students seeking an international experience in grades 9 through 12. Families seeking an I-20 visa should complete the International Student Application. For more information, please contact Mr. Tim Torkilsen, Director of Global Studies and International Programs. All other applicants should contact the Admissions Office.

International student applicants may apply for linguistic, cultural, or academic enrichment. Additionally, they may apply with the intent to receive a Berkeley diploma. Enrollment for enrichment is taken to mean attendance for no more than one academic year. Degree seeking students require a minimum of a two year commitment.

Berkeley recognizes that our role is not only to support the student’s academic, social, emotional, and developmental growth, but to also support the international student’s family through a solid parent-school partnership. As a result, Berkeley does not accept applications from third party agencies.

If an International Student is accepted, receipt of the full-tuition payment and signed contract is required before an I-20 visa is issued.

January 30

Applications and ALL requirements listed below must be received by January 30. Applications received after January 30 will be considered on a space available basis.

Instructions for Completing the International Student Application (for International Students Seeking an I-20 Visa)

*All documents must be submitted/translated in English and notarized.
  1. Parent/Guardian should complete the Parent Application in English indicating the dates of expected attendance and living arrangements. Please note: Berkeley does not provide housing nor make housing arrangements.
  2. Applicant should complete the Student Application in English. It is expected that the applicant speak English well enough to be able to attend classes without special help in the language; Berkeley is not equipped to provide ESL instruction.
  3. Submit an official copy of the applicant’s birth certificate, his/her photograph (optional, but encouraged) and the $75 application fee.
  4. Sign the School Recommendation Checklist, and deliver to the applicant’s current school after the first grading period. This recommendation should be completed by an administrator, counselor or current academic teacher, signed by the principal or head of school, and forwarded directly to Mr. Tim Torkilsen, Director of Global Studies and International Programs.
  5. In addition to the School Recommendation Checklist above, two letters of recommendation are required from the applicant’s teachers or school administrators attesting to his/her general academic ability and good character, mailed directly to Berkeley.
  6. An official transcript of grades and test scores earned for the last two years and the current year to date containing sufficient information on course content, as well as the school’s grading system, so that Berkeley may evaluate the applicant’s work for proper placement.
Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
All non-native English speaking international students seeking admission to Berkeley must earn an internet based score of 88 (computer based score of 213/paper based score of 570) or higher on the TOEFL. The applicant’s family is responsible for individual registration. Please visit the TOEFL website for more information.

Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT)
All international applicants should take the SSAT as early as possible, preferably in November, December or January. The applicant’s family is responsible for individual registration. Please visit the SSAT website for more information. When registering, please select Berkeley (school code 1600) as a score recipient.

Berkeley Interview
All international applicants must schedule a Skype interview. Please contact Mr. Tim Torkilsen, Director of Global Studies and International Programs, to make arrangements.

Medical Requirements and Proof of Insurance
  1. When applying for admission to Berkeley, prospective students must provide a copy of their immunization record. Florida law requires the following vaccines:
5 doses of diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (DTP)
4 doses of polio (5th dose required if 4th dose was administered prior to 4th birthday)
2 doses of measles
1 dose of mumps
1 dose of rubella
A series of 3 hepatitis-B
2 doses of Varicella or proof of disease
Tdap booster completed prior to starting 7th grade

*A combination of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines may be given in place of the individual doses. Two of these are required. Depending on the applicant’s country of origin, the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta may require additional vaccinations; if so, they will be so advised at the time of application.
  1. The report of the applicant’s physical examination, conducted within the last 12 months 
  2. Proof of medical insurance coverage, valid in the United States, for the period of time that the applicant will be in the United States
A non-refundable application fee of $75.00 is required.

March 1

If an International Student is accepted, the Director of Admissions and Director of Global Studies & International Programs will inform the applicant and send the following to the prospective student’s family:
  1. A formal letter of acceptance and enrollment contract
  2. Receipt of the full-tuition payment and signed contract is required before an I-20 visa is issued.
  3. An Emergency Medical Release form and other permission forms
When the Admissions Office has received the signed contract, full-tuition payment, the Emergency Medical Release form, and all other permission forms, the student will be officially enrolled. At that point, the I-20 visa will be issued as required by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). This form must be taken to the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate, which will issue an F-1 visa. This visit is necessary to gain legal entry into the United States.
For additional information, please email Mr. Tim Torkilsen or call 813-885-1673 ext. 2273.
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