Early Childhood Fine Arts introduce our youngest learners (Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade) to the wonderful world of the arts. During these earliest years, children learn to feel comfortable expressing themselves creatively in music, art and theatre. Creative art helps children to become divergent thinkers, seeing more than one way of doing something. It also develops self-esteem and enables children to respect the creative spirit within themselves and others. Theatric play helps young children develop empathy toward others, an essential step in moral development. It is here that a lifelong love and appreciation of the arts is first fostered. As students move through Lower Division, the visual and performing arts remain an integral part of the curriculum, with weekly instruction in art, music and theatre. Starting in Pre-K, Lower Division students receive up to an hour and a half of art, drama and music instruction weekly. Student in grades 2-5 have visual art, music and theatre each once a week for a one-hour block to allow students adequate time and opportunities to discover their creative passions.


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