Berkeley Named Overall FHSAA Class 4A Academic Team Champion

Berkeley Preparatory School has been named the overall FHSAA Academic Team Champion for Class 4A after six athletic teams earned individual Academic Team Champion honors throughout the 2015-16 year. This marks the sixth consecutive year that Berkeley has achieved this honor.

The overall champion in each classification was decided after points were tallied for each team who earned a top-10 finish in their respective sport. Ten points where awarded to teams who had the highest GPA in their sport and classification. With 165 points, Berkeley had the highest total of all schools in every classification.  "I am so proud of this recognition as it validates the notion of the ‘student-athlete’ that is so real at Berkeley.  It also gives me great pride as it is the result of much collaboration between our faculty, coaches, and of course, the student-athletes who excel both in the classroom and athletic arena," said Bobby Reinhart, Athletic Director and Head Boys Varsity Basketball Coach.

Since the inception of the award in 2006-07, the FHSAA Academic Team Champion recognition program honors teamwork not only in competition but in the classroom as well. Berkeley has the distinction of having won the overall team champion award every year. The program recognizes teams in each of the Association’s 20 sanctioned sports and 11 recognized sports, naming an Academic Team Champion in each classification.  Each classification and overall sport winner receives a commemorative plaque. For overall classification winners, the top 10 schools in each category receive points. Ten points are awarded for a first place finish, nine points for second, etc. The school in each class with the highest cumulative point total for the entire school year is recognized. To learn more, click the following link:


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