Headmaster Seivold Welcomes Berkeley Back

Greetings from 4811 Kelly Road! It gives me great pleasure to write this letter welcoming all of you to Berkeley Preparatory School’s 2016-2017 school year. So many people have been working so hard for a long time now in preparation for all that is to come; my gratitude extends to our entire professional community. I hope all of you will take great comfort in knowing that we have planned carefully, upgraded significantly, and in every way developed what will surely be a tremendous learning and growing experience for each one of our students.

And what an education we have crafted! While much more will be described at the division and classroom levels, I cannot resist noting that as our facilities continue to be transformed, so too has our programming changed for the better. In Lower Division, new Director Melissa Davis is thrilled to be honing, in concert with our outstanding faculty, the most impressive elementary curriculum imaginable. The brand new Fabrication Studio and Digital Lab are just two of many incredible additions to Middle Division, and the Upper Division will continue to use the expertise of its faculty and our spectacular facility to create engaging, leading-edge lessons, units, and courses.
Please know that first and foremost on our minds as we approach each day’s work is the creation of the best possible environment for each child in our charge. My mind does not rest, as I constantly gauge every decision we make by the measure: ‘is this in the best interest of that child’ or ‘our children?’ As we embark on another year of journey and exploration, it is important for me to reiterate that ours is an exceedingly kind, optimistic, and respectful community, and also one characterized by great trust in the school. Families believe that we will use our professional expertise, long experience, big hearts, and nimble thinking to move the school through complex challenges in a thoughtful and effective way, constantly balancing many inputs and factors. There is no such thing as a careless or impulsive endeavor here; we care too much for that.
“Welcoming” is a word oft-used to describe us. I hope our newest students and families are already confident that they will be supported fully as they become part of the Berkeley family. That openness, acceptance, and spirit of welcome extend to all members of our community; that is our expectation, and a great source of pride.
I am eager to continue the work we have started; together, we will make this an extraordinary year.
With warm regards, I am
Joseph W. Seivold


4811 Kelly Road
Tampa, FL 33615
(813) 885-1673