David Ide Recognized as a Recipient of Excellence in Math Teacher Award

Berkeley Preparatory School mathematics teacher David Ide has been recognized as a recipient of the Excellence in Science/Mathematics Teacher Award by the Barrett Family Foundation. He is a recipient of a $10,000 cash award given to outstanding math and science teachers from select private high schools in Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties for the 2016-17 academic school year. This is the second year in a row that a Berkeley teacher has been recognized by the Barrett Foundation. In 2015, Martha DeWeese won the same award as she was recognized for her outstanding work as a science teacher.

Ide, who has been a math teacher at Berkeley since 2002, said, “I’m honored to have received this award from the Barrett Family Foundation.  I appreciate what the Barrett Family Foundation is doing for education and classroom teachers in the area.  The teaching/learning environment at Berkeley, much like the Foundation’s mission, is geared toward leaving a lasting impression on each and every student.  Teaching math allows me to challenge the students and guide them through the problem solving (learning) process.  To be recognized by the Barrett Family Foundation for what I enjoy doing is both humbling and inspiring.”
According to the Barrett Family Foundation, they established the Excellence in Science/Mathematics Teacher Award as a vehicle to recognize deserving educators.  Through this award, the Foundation “proudly honors outstanding high school teachers who share their energy and enthusiasm for science or mathematics through creative and innovative methods.” The award further seeks to recognize teachers who are utilizing methods to cultivate student interest and ability in both fields of study.
“David takes the time to get to know each students’ unique learning style and uses various teaching methodologies to meet their individual needs,” said Ryan Jordan, Upper Division Director. “ He consistently demonstrates the ability to build confidence in students for whom mathematics doesn’t always come easy.”
The Barrett Family Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 public charity based in Clearwater.  Founded in 2013, the foundation is one of few organizations of its kind to directly award teachers.


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