Strategic Plan Secures Berkeley’s Future Success

In September of 2012, Berkeley embarked on a strategic planning journey that would lead us to our most transformational and innovative period in more than 50 years of providing excellence in independent school education. Our goals and expectations to achieve national prominence may have seemed ambitious at that time. However, led by our visionary Berkeley Board of Trustees and the thoughtful input of the entire school community, we crafted a blueprint for the school that has guided us to where we are today and well prepared us for our future.

As a community, we crafted our goals by envisioning Berkeley in five years as a nationally renowned school; and we challenged ourselves to focus on our people, place and program in that same timeframe.

The resulting five-year strategic plan was officially approved by the Board in May 2013. Our goal then was nothing shy of ascending to national prominence through a series of well-articulated goals, strategies and tactics. Today, we are extremely proud to share that we have successfully accomplished and implemented those goals into the fabric of our school. These goals are not simply a check mark on a list, but a living, breathing road map for our school’s present and future.

We are pleased to share with you this video highlighting our successes since first launching the plan.


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