Berkeley’s Dickey Field Reborn as State-of-the-Art Turf Surface

When Berkeley Preparatory School hosts the annual Headmasters’ Challenge on January 12, the school will showcase a new state-of-the-art turf field that will be the centerpiece for much of day’s action. Dickey Field began the transformation to turf in November, and is now complete featuring a synthetic surface and infill unlike any other school in Florida, according to the installation contractor 1st Turf, Inc.

What sets this field apart from others is the material infill surface application, which is rated as the safest and most environmentally friendly product on the market today. The product, TTII play-safe 65 virgin EPDM infill, is manufactured in the USA and is an environmentally sound and player-safe infill option. Until recently, EPDM infill has been a popular, but expensive, alternative to styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) and, although widely used in Europe, has had a more limited presence in the U.S. due to cost. EPDM is virgin material designed and manufactured specifically for use in sport surface applications and, unlike SBR, is virtually heavy metal free, odor free, dust free, and more durable.
“Dickey Field was renovated with the safety and health of our student athletes first and foremost,” said Bobby Reinhart, Athletic Director. “With that in mind, Berkeley decided to enhance the impact of the Dickey family’s gift by proactively appropriating funds for the latest in infill technology. Berkeley’s Dickey Field is the new standard in state-of-the-art playing surfaces and we are proud to have set the bar high.”
All of this progress would not have been possible without the generous philanthropy of Marsha and Steve Dickey, their sons, Chris ’89 and Jason ’92, and their families. The Dickey family was inspired to make this transformational investment because of their longstanding love for Berkeley, and the knowledge that their support will positively impact the entire community. Physical education classes, advisory meetings, recess outings, marching band practices, Berkeley Academy classes, and of course, many athletic contests – all will take place on the beautiful, state-of-the-art Dickey Field. This field renovation connects the most recent campus enhancements – the Straz Family Field House, the Berkeley Café, the Gries Center for the Arts and Sciences, the Hellenic Quad, and the Seivold Center for Early Childhood Education.


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