When I first read the bulletin for this week, the first moment that came to my mind was only two weeks ago. For the long weekend I went to Boston with my family to see my sister in college.

The last time I went to Boston was 7 years ago so I didn't remember much about it. The one thing I didn’t remember the most, was the amount of people that were living on the streets. When I saw all these people with no home and probably no family, I pitied them as anyone would. I felt bad that there I was on vacation with my family having the time of my life while these people were suffering. 

When I was walking around in Cambridge however, I saw one man huddled by a street lamp under layers of blankets with a dog sleeping beside him, with a cardboard sign that simply said the word smile. This shocked me because all the other homeless people I had seen were holding signs begging for money.

In this moment I realized that even though this man was suffering in the cold with nothing to eat, he had hope and he was happy. The point of his sign was not to get money or to get help, but to help others and to spread his happiness. I knew that he believed that God was by his side at all times and there was still hope for him. 

I encourage each and every one of you to have hope and to know that God is with you always.

~Stella M. '27
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