How many people here have done something wrong? Whether it was a white lie or maybe you stole something we all do things wrong. Today’s readings are all about our sinful actions but the reading that stuck out to me the most was the Gospel.
This gospel is about a man who loses one of his sheep but instead of taking the loss, he goes into the forest to find it. This makes me think about forgiveness because the sheep ventured off from the flock which in this story is a metaphor for sin. When the shepherd goes back for the sheep it represents forgiveness. We should always be able to forgive. No matter if you are a stranger, a best friend, or an enemy you should always forgive others.
In Luke 15:3-7 we learn that God loves us no matter what we do wrong. As long as we can repent or ask for forgiveness. A line that sticks out to me in this Gospel is “there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous people who need no repentance.” This stuck out to me because it shows how we all might do things wrong but more important than anything is asking for forgiveness. When we ask for forgiveness we truly realize what we did wrong and we can learn from it, but when we just brush it off we aren’t able to learn and we aren’t able to move on.
All of these readings show us that stronger than anything is God’s love. No matter what you do wrong God will always be there to support and guide you. 

~Lila Grace S. '27
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