Before you speak, learn

God really spoke to me about this reflection. Before I even knew the passage that I would be talking about I heard this message in my mind, so I believe that this really is meant to be heard by someone today.
I’ve been going through a rough patch in life lately to be quite honest. But through this time I’ve tried to always be there for my friends and help give them advice with boys, drama, school, ect. But I’ve been wondering: what qualifies me to do this? I can’t get my own life straight with the same problems they're going through so who am I to tell them how to act?
But in the reading from Ecclesiasticus today, we hear, “Before you speak, learn and before you fall ill, take care of your health,” made me realize that I need to find myself before I can help others. Because in truth, my life isn’t perfect so why should I be telling you how your’s should be?
Also, Jesus once said “Do not be like the hypocrites,” so I should not be a hypocrite and go around acting like my life is all “unicorns and rainbows” and trying to advise people on how to do that too. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to not help a friend in need. I’m saying that learning to find ourselves will equip us better to help others. 
So just remember to be humble and yes, help everyone in need, but just know that we don’t know all the answers. Only God does. Only God knows when that boy will ask you to homecoming. Or what grade you will get on that biology test tomorrow. So help your friend solve their issue by turning them to Jesus. He is all knowing, we are not. He will always be there for us, even in times when no one else is. Amen.

~Elle H. '26
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