Giving Back

As I reflect upon the readings, the Good News becomes very obvious. Every passage explains that God will provide us with everything we need, even if our friends, brothers, or strangers will not. That God will clothe us, feed us, and take care of us in our times of need, and look over us during our times of prosperity. And that if you are able to give food to the hungry, give water to the thirsty, and give shelter to the homeless then the Lord will bless and guide you, and provide prosperity in this life and the next. I can relate this to my own life very closely. 
I relate this to my own life because I have been given so much. From food, to shelter, to education to guidance from those older than me and from authority figures, I have been given more than I could ever repay. In my own life, I have been trying to find ways to give back. More than just money or food, but to provide help and guidance to those who need it, and to try and set a positive example for those who look up to me as others were able to do for me. This is not only because I want to repay what has been done for me, but also because I still need that guidance and aid, and I would like others to treat me the way I aspire to treat others. 
God says to give to those who beg, and if someone slaps your cheek, then offer them the other, not because he wants to see us suffer but because he will repay us in ways bigger than the physical world that we live in. He has a plan bigger than us, and all we have to do is believe and do our best to live the word of the Lord.

~Brad P. '24
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