Struggle with Humility

Something I struggle with is humility. But, one thing I like to think about to remind me to stay humble, is a balloon. Normally, when I get a good grade on a test, or play well in a tournament I start to think too highly of myself. This happens to all of us whether it is about school, or sports, or generally you think you are above everyone else. 
Think of yourself as a balloon. When you get that feeling of overbearing pride your balloon is getting filled up with way too much air. Eventually, when a balloon gets too full, it will pop. You can also think about the balloon when you are feeling very low. A balloon needs just the right amount of air to float. Not only will a balloon pop, but without enough air, it will be deflated and won’t float. In order to attain that perfect amount of air, you need to think about God. 
Today’s scripture from Psalm 89 says that God is great and awesome and above everyone around him. When I am feeling overly prideful, I remind myself that we are all simply humans just walking on the Earth that God created. Psalm also says, “Who is as mighty as you, O Lord?” and the answer is no one. The Psalmist also mentions that God is the one who controls the raging seas and the Heavens and the skies. When I am feeling low on air I tell myself that God created everyone exactly how he wanted to and he is with everyone no matter where they are or what they are doing. When I am feeling too inflated, I think about how I am only a human and so small compared to God and his glory.
I challenge everyone to remember we are purely living on God's Earth and to think about filling themselves with just enough air because in the end, God will forever be above us all and there is no reason to flaunt your successes or feel depleted. 

~Paige Q. '26
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