The Humility of Jesus

Back in my sixth grade track season, I participated in the standing long jump. During these competitions, I was able to win first place in three meets in a row. After these accomplishments, I was very proud and felt the need to show others how great it was. And, so every time someone brought up anything about track, I would not miss the chance to tell them about my score.
When I looked at today's scripture I realized how Jesus also accomplished great things, greater achievements than winning first place. In fact, the scripture states how he had many followers who he had cured. But even with all of his successes, he asked to remain unknown to most. He showed great humility and humbleness, beginning to show that great things don’t need to prove as great. 
I am still learning to not brag whenever I achieve something great, and instead realize how Jesus would have handled an achievement like my own. He would have not taken such pride in these accomplishments, nor would he have gone to prove how great of a track star he is. Instead, he would know that he does not have to prove himself as such a track star and instead let time show his true self.
As we continue through our MidWeek Prayer today, I ask you to think about a time or place in your life where you have taken too much pride in your accomplishment. Think about how Jesus would have handled the situation. Would he have taken this as an opportunity to prove himself as greater than others? Or would he simply leave his accomplishments be, and stay as a humble being?

~Izzy A. '28
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