Seeing Jesus

In the Gospel, John says, “And I myself have seen and have testified that this is the Son of God.” When John saw Jesus, he preached that even though he did not know Jesus, he was sent from God and ranked ahead of all. As a Christian, having faith that Jesus is always here with us is a challenge.
Personally, in my times of doubt, it is hard to believe that Jesus can shine through to me because I can’t physically see him. When this happens, I close my eyes, sit somewhere quiet and safe, and feel his spirit rush through me giving me strength and shining his light for me to follow. This illuminating feeling instantly reminds me that I don’t have full control over my life and I am filled with peace and determination to walk down his path for me. When sharing my doubts with God, he quickly reminds me that I am here for a reason; a purpose, and that I have been called to share his testimony with those who need guidance.
In the lesson, Jesus promises us that if we follow his word, we will be “blameless.” Just like anyone else here right now, I have moments where I feel weak and alone, and those are usually the times when I have gone astray from God and his Word. Remembering that our paths are in God’s hands and following his directions, will help us to gain a more powerful and trusting relationship with Him. When we follow him and worship his name, his radiance will shine through every single one of us, and it will never fail.

~Mia D. '25
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