Good Soil

First I’d like to welcome everyone back to another year of Thursday Morning Prayer! This week’s Gospel talked about the well-known seed analogy. Basically the seeds are a metaphor for people and the importance of this Gospel was to show how the environment in which you choose to grow your faith can determine a lot of what it becomes. 
Reading this passage, the first thing that came to my mind was how lucky we are to have a group like this that can act as this “good soil”. We are surrounded by classmates and friends with similar beliefs and we can use these connections to support each other and our faith. 
It’s a new year, and we hope that you continue to come to these services in order to really take advantage of the group that we have created here. Plus, we are giving out some very interesting merch this year for faithful attendance. 
The second part of this passage talks about how the good seeds brought tens or hundreds more crops. Reading this, I was reminded of how important it is that once you find your good soil, your group, that you find other people who might be looking for what you have. Therefore, my homework for you is to maybe bring a friend to the next service, try to share with them what you have found here. 
Lastly, the passage ends with the quote “Let anyone with ears listen”, which reminded me of a quote by Big Sean “God talks to me in silence, but I hear him every time” so make sure that you are listening for God outside of these services, outside of mass, you never know when He’s trying to get your attention.

~Emily M. `24
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