Living Sacrifices

In our lives, it is easy to be swept away by the current of the world and your own desires and aspirations. 
In his letter to the Romans, Paul reminds us that our bodies are not just skin and bones, but a sacrifice for God. While walking in Ybor City, I witnessed a simple act of charity. A woman, with her child, gave her sandwich to a homeless man, and they shared a genuine smile. This wasn't just a gesture; in this act, I saw God. I saw a living sacrifice. Today's world often emphasizes wealth and success. The message today from Luke connects to this. 
How often do we, like the rich man, forget the short-lived nature of life, placing our worth in riches rather than the spiritual wealth of love, charity, and connection with God? When we prioritize physical and monetary values, we risk missing the divine, right in front of our eyes. In observing the International Day of Charity, I want to recognize that the true offerings we can give are not just material. 
Genuine love and showing honor to others are the living sacrifices that resonate forever. Psalm 56's verses encapsulate this spirit. In God, we trust. He delivers our souls, ensuring we walk in the right light of life. Our actions should reflect this trust, not out of obligation, but with genuine love and gratitude. Next time, remember the woman, the sandwich, and the smile. Such moments are where we can genuinely discern the will of God. His presence surrounds our everyday actions; we simply need to pause and take notice. To conclude, I would like to leave with a question: What is your true treasure, and what makes you, you? 

~Garret R. '24
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