Even in the Lows

In the book of Mathew 21:18-22 the scripture tells a story of having faith in the Lord. The scripture says that praying with faith and trust you can move mountains. This message has impacted my life in many ways.
I find that it is harder to trust in the lord during the lows in my life. When my Nana passed away it was hard to understand why the lord would take away such a good woman at such a young age. It was extremely hard for my family to lean into the lord in this low point in our lives. I also see this in the families that my dad works for, my dad is in the funeral business so I see people experiencing the same thing I went through with my Nana.
Another reminder of this for me is my aunt, she is taking the test to become a lawyer called the bar, this week while watching me she found out that she failed the bar. This is when even though it may be hard to believe that everything has perfect timing despite her studying God has a plan for her. most of us are in a “normal” phase of life so it is easy to trust in the lord because everything is going as planned, but when the lord tests your faith it can be hard to trust what he has planned.
In Mark 11:14 “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours” suggesting that in our normal phase of our life, we need to lean in but also know that it is equally important to keep the faith even at our lowest of moments. Trusting in him is acknowledging that things won’t happen always at the time we want them to. In the future I challenge everyone to lean on God equally at all times.

~Austin L. '28
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