We Work Hard for the Money

First graders had fun exploring a new unit of study in economics. In support of the unit, We Work Hard for the Money, students took two field trips and followed up their excursion by hosting their own mini-business festival! Students toured the GreenWise Publix in Hyde Park where they visited different departments of the store, followed by an overview of the goods and services that the GreenWise Publix provides. Students also toured SAGE, the school lunch program facilities. The culminating event of the unit was to open a business for one day! Students selected a product to sell, advertised the product, practiced assembly line procedures and counted money as the product was produced! In preparation for the festival, students were asked to bring three cans of food to school. The cans were used as bartering tools to "buy" items produced by the class. The business “profits” (i.e. canned food) were donated to Metropolitan Ministries. Students earned a total of 218 cans of food through household chores, and each student completed a time sheet to show how they earned the cans of food. The students learned that building a successful business is a careful, step-by-step process requiring knowledge and skills in a number of areas: financial planning, marketing, advertising, production and accounting.


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