Reverend Billy Kyles Inspires Berkeley Students

The esteemed Reverend Samuel "Billy" Kyles, a friend of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and an eyewitness to the civil rights leader's assassination, inspired students, faculty and guests today about his dreams and those of Dr. King. Kyles spoke passionately, quoting the words of Langston Hughs, "Hold fast to your dreams," he told students. "I feel that there was a reason I was there at Dr. King's assassination. I was there to witness it, to tell others," he explained.  Reverend Kyles is recognized as both a participant in, and a valuable resource on, the Civil Rights Movement.  Several upper division students also had the privilege of attending a luncheon with our special guest.  Reverend Kyles is the last remaining person to have spent the final hour of Dr. King’s life with him before his assassination.  The entire Berkeley community is extremely honored and moved by the words of this distinguished national speaker, pastor and civil rights leader.



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