Summer Campers Solve Mystery!

Sixth, seventh and eighth grade summer campers have solved a mystery! As part of Berkeley’s Life Skills Summer Camp, 12 children turned their classroom into a mock forensics blood-typing lab where they analyzed synthetic blood samples from various “suspects.” Once they excluded the victim, they worked on matching blood types to various suspects using ABO agglutinogens found in the blood plasma of each potential culprit.

The kids discovered that a person’s blood type and RH factor are similar to a person’s DNA and fingerprint. They concluded that the blood found at the crime scene matched the blood of suspect number three. The campers are also studying different blood types, learning which blood type can be donated to another and which diseases go to the blood. Other exciting experiments throughout the two-week camp include a toothpaste lab, a microbiology lab and a sunscreen effectiveness lab.
There are more than 100 camps for all ages at Berkeley this summer. Sports, fine arts and academic camps run through July 30. Want to learn more about Berkeley’s Summer Camps and Programs? Visit or call 813.885.1673 ext. 2239 for more information.


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