Berkeley the Dog In The News!

Students weren’t the only ones embarking on their first days of school in late August, joining them was a black Labrador retriever puppy named “Berkeley.” “Berkeley” is beginning 15 to 20 months of schooling to become a guide for a visually impaired person through Southeastern’s Paws for Patriots or Paws for Independence programs. “Berkeley” will spend her days with Berkeley students as part of her training.
One difference is that “Berkeley” will be allowed to sleep during class, while her classmates must pay attention. On weekends, she will hang out at the mall and go to restaurants and movies, or she can play with toys and watch TV with her family. She will train and study to pass regular tests, and she must learn how to behave properly in challenging social, occupational and physical situations before she can graduate.
Children in the school’s Animal Club and Student Forum raised $3500 for Southeastern Guide Dogs and in turn, were able to choose the name for their new classmate.
In recent weeks, “Berkeley” has received some media attention! In late August, the St. Petersburg Times (link) came to campus to spend time and published an article on her. Most recently, she was the subject of a three-page spread in the Tampa Tribune (link) and a story on her was broadcast on the WFLA NBC news. (link)


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