Berkeley Kicks off 50th Anniversary

Friday, Oct. 8, marked a special day at Berkeley as an all-school convocation was held to kick off Berkeley’s 50th school year. With all of the student body, faculty and staff in attendance, 50th Anniversary chairs Ann and James Arthur Turner III ’69 kicked off the convocation and informed the crowd that the convocation was just the beginning of a year full of exciting events aimed to celebrate Berkeley’s history. Aiden Fisher ’14 and Jay Majumdar ’14 unveiled the Berkeley 50th Anniversary logo before Alumni Association President Jeffrey Hunt ’93 led an alumni timeline in which Berkeley alumni from each decade shared their memories of Berkeley and of what was going on in the world when they were Berkeley students!
Following the convocation, students, faculty and staff exited the Dimmitt Gymnasium and headed to the McCleary Mound where they formed the letters “BPS.” After everyone was in place, a plane flew over campus to capture this special moment on what will always be remembered as a great day in Berkeley’s history.


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