Teachers and Parents Make Eyeglasses in Preparation for Dominican Republic Trip

A small group of members of the Berkeley community became students for a day as they were taught how to construct eyeglasses. Dale Rozell, founder of Glasses for Missions, and his wife Anita led the training, and the teachers will train middle division students in the fall. The glasses that are made by Berkeley teachers and students this upcoming school year will be distributed in the Dominican Republic. The idea stemmed from the success of last year’s annual trip to the Dominican Republic in which the Middle Division collected prescription eye glasses and donated the eyewear to students at the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation School. Joining students was Berkeley parent Richie Perallon, who is trained to test those in need of corrective eyewear and match them with the appropriate lenses. Perallon dispensed a total of 379 glasses to children and adults in the DR during last year’s trip, most of those being prescription glasses.

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