Berkeley Holds First Annual House Cup!

Upper division students participated in the first annual House Cup on February 15. Designed as a team-building event, the House Cup was a great success! Advisory groups of different grades were paired together to form 10 “houses,” or teams.
Each house participated against each other in a wide variety of events, including water balloon toss, darts, trivia, ultimate Frisbee, three-point shootout, jellybean tasting and golf putting. After all of the points were calculated, the Powder Monkeys were named the first annual House Cup winner! To the victors go the spoils, and in addition to the prestige of being on the winning team, members of the Powder Monkeys will have one entire week of Spirit Days! In addition, their team color of green will be on the cover of the student handbook for the next year! The inaugural event was fun for all and a great way to unite the Upper Division.

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