Four Berkeley Students Invited to Participate in Technical Theater Seminars

Four students from Berkeley Preparatory School, along with 47 other students from Tampa Bay area high schools and colleges, have been granted the extraordinary opportunity to participate in a hands-on theater training program. Led by executives from Ruth Eckerd Hall and entertainment production company PRG, participants will be given hands-on experience in the field of lighting, set design and sound during four day-long seminars throughout the year.

Berkeley’s Michael Garcia, Ryan McGee, Daniel Rovner and Michael Murray, and the rest of the students in the program, will have the opportunity to be a part of the technical process preparing future performances for the Ruth Eckerd Hall main stage.
“I have not been as excited about anything relating to Berkeley theater technology since we opened the Lykes Center for the Arts,” said Dr. Bruce LeBaron, upper division performing arts teacher. “Zev Buffman, the director of Ruth Eckerd Hall, is a truly dedicated proponent of not only theater, but of the future of young people in the field. He wants Ruth Eckerd Hall to be leading the way in the education of technical theater students. This is a remarkable program, and we are delighted to be included.”
The first seminar will be held on September 27 and will focus on lighting and production for the stage. The instructors of this particular seminar will be from PRG, which produces concerts, Broadway theater performances and one-time performances such as the half-time concert at Super Bowls.


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