Katie Spotz Inspires Students with Visit to Berkeley

Katie Spotz has made a name for herself as an adventure-seeking philanthropist. Our middle and upper division students had the unique opportunity to listen to her experiences of challenging her mind and body for a good cause. She made history by becoming the first person to swim the entire 325-mile length of the Allegheny River in 2008. She was named one of Glamour Magazine’s “Women of the Year” after becoming the youngest person in the world to row across an ocean solo when she spent 70 days in a 19-foot boat rowing across the Atlantic Ocean.

When faced with many challenges during her endurance challenges, Spotz noted that the biggest challenge was finding the courage and passion from within to continue. She said, “Passion is a powerful thing and determination can change everything.” Spotz’s endurance challenges support Blue Planet Network, which works to supply clean drinking water to people worldwide. Many students walked away from her presentation with a better understanding of how to approach life’s challenges.


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