Berkeley Celebrates 32nd Annual Grandparents’ Day

Hundreds of grandparents were honored today as Berkeley students, faculty and volunteers celebrated the school's 32nd annual Grandparents' Day. Lower division children showed off their latest classroom projects and sang songs in honor of their grandparents, while assorted treats and coffee were served outside the classrooms. Grandparents were treated to several special performances by each division, including an appearance by the Pipe and Drum Corps outside of the Lykes Center for the Arts.

After the performances, grandparents enjoyed lunch with their middle and upper division grandchildren while being serenaded by Berkeley’s own Mello Divas and Beatitones singers. A big thank you goes out to the Parents' Club Grandparents' Day Committee and everyone who volunteered to make this year's event a truly special occasion that grandparents and their grandchildren will remember for many years to come.


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