Berkeley Celebrates International Day

International Day is an extraordinary opportunity for students in all divisions to celebrate our global cultures and learn more about people and places throughout the world. Lower and Middle Division celebrated the Chinese New Year with a traditional lion dance performance. Lower division students embraced the tradition of the lion dance, as they “fed” the lion red envelopes, each containing $ .10, to protect our Berkeley “village.”

The University of South Florida’s Senior Vice President for Global Affairs and International Research, Dr. Karen Holbrook, served as the guest speaker during upper division convocation. Dr. Holbrook shared the work that she and her colleagues do each day as a part of USF World – the university’s global outreach and research program. She emphasized the importance of globalization, not only in higher education but beginning with children at the primary school level. She explained that we are all global citizens and each have an important role in our global communities. According to Holbrook, not only do nations have to innovate in terms of globalization, but people and cultures as well. Overall, International Day  was a great success and provided our students the opportunity to look outside of their own cultures to appreciate and celebrate all cultures across the world.


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