Berkeley Named Overall FHSAA Class 4A Academic Team Champion

Berkeley has been named the overall FHSAA Academic Team Champion for Class 4A after four athletic teams earned individual Academic Team Champion honors throughout the 2012-13 year. This marks the third-consecutive year that Berkeley has achieved this honor. The overall champion in each classification was decided after points were tallied for each team who earned a top-10 finish in their respective sport.

Ten points where awarded to teams who had the highest GPA in their sport and classification. With 163 points, Berkeley had the highest total of all schools in every classification and earned 20 more points than the closest competitor. Congratulations Bucs for your success both on and off the playing field!

2012-13 FHSAA Academic Team Champions
Boys Basketball 3.42
Baseball 3.59
Softball 3.81
Boys Volleyball 3.70

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