Five Teachers Return from Outreach Trip to Ghana

Berkeley’s global reach and influence continued this summer as five of our teachers traveled to Ghana in July for a one-week visit to our sister school in that country. They visited the Wesley Girls High School in Cape Coast to continue to build Berkeley’s relationship with this highly-regarded Ghanaian school.

The team of Phil Dilinger, Allyson Diljohn, Kate Kirkman, Ryan McLaughlin, and Jaclyn Schmitt observed classes at the school, spent time with the faculty and administration, and enjoyed interacting with the students. This group of teachers joins other Berkeley teachers who have traveled to Ghana over the past few years – including service trips with students that resulted in establishing a clinic and learning center near the village of Agogo. During their time in Ghana, the teachers were able to see many of the beautiful sights, eat some of the local specialties, and experience the wonder and culture of that beautiful country.


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