Today, the Berkeley Preparatory School community is on the threshold of one of our most transformational and innovative periods in more than 50 years of providing excellence in independent school education. This is an exciting time for our school; and our ambitious goals and expectations to achieve national prominence make our future look even brighter.

Efforts to guide the school beyond today have been carefully and thoughtfully contemplated over the past year and a half, resulting in our most comprehensive five-year strategic plan to date. This effort, spearheaded and crafted by the Berkeley Board of Trustees, sought the input of the entire school community, from our newest families to our oldest alumni, to envision the Berkeley of tomorrow and where they see the school in five to ten years.

In September 2012, following a year-long strategic planning effort by the Board, the school engaged the consulting firm of Triangle Associates, and with them co-constructed a survey that was sent to the entire Berkeley school community. Survey participation was exceptional, and the results helped inform ongoing conversations that provided an outstanding blueprint for our future work together.

Additionally, a group of trustees and administrators gathered to think about the future of the school. The group was asked to envision Berkeley in ten years as a nationally renowned school. They were asked to focus on people, place and program as they envisioned the future. The planning group was given the task to work in small groups on six topics. The topics arose out of the survey data, the visioning exercise and trends in independent schools.

The topic areas included Technology, Global/Cultural Competency, Diversity, 21st Century Skills, Connectedness and Community Engagement, Excellence. The feedback from the community-wide survey and the planning groups served as our guide to craft the five-year strategic plan that was officially approved by the Board in May 2013. We are proud to put forth this plan that reflects the input of our passionate Berkeley faculty, administrators, staff, trustees, parent volunteers, connected alumni, inspired donors, and students, who all work together to make us the successful school we are. Our goal is nothing shy of Ascending to National Prominence, and with the support of all involved, we look forward to accomplishing just that.


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