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The Berkeley Fund helps our children reach their full potential as students, artists, athletes, and leaders. Berkeley has provided an uncompromising educational experience for generations of students far beyond what tuition dollars alone can cover. Whether it’s meeting a guest author, using the latest educational apps on an iPad, hitting the game-winning spike over the volleyball net, or learning new ideas from faculty who have taken professional development courses to further their curriculum, the Berkeley Fund supports the entire student experience.


Top notch academics are the cornerstone of any premier independent education. Berkeley offers an innovative academic program fueled by some of the best educators in their fields. The Berkeley Fund plays an essential role in helping teachers be innovators in the classroom by providing support of ongoing professional development opportunities and supplying the classrooms with modern amenities and teaching tools.


Athletics have been an integral part of the Berkeley experience since the school’s founding. Berkeley’s “no cut” policy exemplifies its commitment to instilling the value of teamwork in every student who wishes to participate in a sport. In addition to team work, students learn other valuable life-long skills such as sportsmanship, perseverance, and leadership. The Berkeley Fund helps to support Berkeley’s athletic program by supplementing the cost of coaching staff, training, and equipment. In addition, our annual giving program affords Berkeley students the opportunity to choose to participate in a wide range of sports team offerings.

Library and Technology

Our students and faculty benefit from the latest state-of-the-art technology made possible through the Berkeley Fund. Berkeley’s technology program includes new curriculum software, video production, video conferencing, desktop publishing, subscription databases, and other on-line library resources. In addition to technology, the Jean Ann Cone Library has a collection of more than 23,000 books, and the Rudolph Library houses more than 15,000 items. These collections continue to grow and thrive due to support of the Berkeley Fund.

Visual and Performing Arts

Berkeley boasts excellent visual and performing arts programs. Instilling the value of the arts in students cultivates a life-long appreciation for the arts even after graduation. Study and participation in the arts helps students find their own unique, creative genius. The Berkeley Fund provides many of the key components of both programs.

Scholarship and Financial Aid

Each year, a portion of the Berkeley Fund goes toward supporting Scholarship and Financial Aid programs. During difficult and unforeseen financial times, the Berkeley Fund helps Berkeley’s existing families as well as new families. Students who cannot afford a full tuition are able to attend Berkeley thanks to supporters of our annual giving program.
Founded in 1960, Berkeley is an independent, Episcopal, college-preparatory day school located in Tampa, FL, for boys and girls in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12. Approximately 1,400 students gather here from the greater Tampa Bay area to form ONE Berkeley.