Students in grades Pre-K through 5 build fundamental skills through a love of learning. In a positive, nurturing environment, students are encouraged to discover their unique talents as well as the wonders of the world around them. Our curriculum provides a strong academic foundation, coupled with enrichment opportunities, including Spanish, science, physical education, computer literacy, library, theatre, music, and art. Social-emotional learning skills such as cooperation, self-expression, respect, and empathy are embedded in our daily classroom curriculum so students develop positive relationships with peers and adults. Various community service projects and service opportunities allow our students to put these values into action. 

Berkeley’s Seivold Center for Early Childhood Education sets the stage for a child’s lifelong love of learning. Learning at Berkeley isn’t one- dimensional, so our learning spaces are flexible. We know that the learning needs of early childhood are different from those of elementary school. Our youngest students need a place to call their own, which is specifically tailored to their needs. The Seivold Center provides an environment for early childhood learning that allows flexibility and emphasizes exploration, play, and collaboration.

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The Lower Division curricular emphasis is on the core subjects of reading and mathematics. An interdisciplinary approach is used in world language and social studies, and manipulatives are used extensively in both the science and the mathematics programs. Music, art, drama, and physical education are integral parts of the Lower Division curriculum. Each student also receives instruction in library and computer skills.


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