Berkeley’s Middle Division represents the transitional years in the overall growth of the student’s social, emotional, intellectual, and moral development. A student becomes more acutely aware of his moral dynamics, social interactions, inner feelings as well as his or her ability to think more abstractly. Indeed, then, college preparation truly begins at this level.
With an emphasis on English and math, we provide a strong framework for all other disciplines. In addition to other academic disciplines (science, history, and world languages), the Middle Division also offers physical education, visual and performing arts, religion and seminar classes.
Activity periods are scheduled into the school day to further expose the students to a variety of experiences and challenges for their continued development of lifetime skills. Some of the activities offered are art club, chorus, student publications, Latin club, National Junior Honor Society, student forum, as well as many other opportunities for enrichment and growth.

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The mission of the Middle Division is to ease a student's transition to social and intellectual maturity. A strong emphasis is placed on developing a variety of the study skills students will need to perform at their best – from time management to library and computer skills. Academic requirements in the Middle Division are English, English expression, mathematics, history, world languages, science, religion, computers, physical education, art, drama, and music. Middle Division students also have an opportunity within the school day schedule to participate in many extracurricular activities and may participate in an extensive after-school athletic program.


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