As a leader in independent school education, Berkeley Preparatory School is proud to offer an innovative learning opportunity for our Upper Division students through the Center for Advanced Experiential Learning. The institutes within the center offer students the opportunity to explore subject areas that may be of interest as a future college major or potential career.
Lasher Business Institute
This intensive one-year elective program focuses on providing Berkeley juniors and seniors substantive, relevant, and integrative instructional experiences in business fundamentals, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. Students engage with stimulating and interactive lectures, intriguing and valuable case studies, problem-solving exercises, experiential projects, leadership development assignments, and practical career application of key business concepts.

Directed by Carlo DiNota, M.B.A.
Berkeley Health Sciences Institute
This experiential learning opportunity will immerse Berkeley rising seniors in a comprehensive clinical and laboratory science curriculum that will increase their general science knowledge, improve their critical thinking skills with iterative learning projects, and better prepare them for the advanced coursework in medical and clinical science post-baccalaureate programs.

Directed by Nicole Ackerson, Ph.D
Berkeley Advanced Experiential Biology Institute
This institute is designed for Berkeley rising sophomores and rising juniors who are interested in pursuing the advanced Life Science and Health Sciences opportunities offered at Berkeley. This institute will provide a comprehensive survey of the biochemistry, anatomy, and physiology necessary to succeed in the Health Sciences, as well as provide personalized preparation for the science and reading sections of the ACT exam. Students will experience lecture-based content as well as hands-on learning with various health sciences professionals from the community.

Directed by Nicole Ackerson, Ph.D
Berkeley Law Institute
This comprehensive summer and fall elective program for Berkeley rising ninth and 10th graders will not only introduce learners to the legal system but will teach students about the way in which the law intersects with everyday life. From being a good steward of the community, to understanding the legal ramifications of downloading an app on a smartphone, voting, obtaining a driver’s license, and even, wearing and not wearing a mask in public—the law is all around us.

Directed by Sandrine Guez, J.D.

Berkeley National Security Institute
This intensive one-year program is designed to Berkeley introduce sophomores, juniors, and seniors to the national security apparatus and the complex military, economic, diplomatic, and intelligence threats facing America in the 21st century. Students will enhance their leadership, critical thinking, and communication skills by learning from guest lecturers who are subject matter experts, reviewing case studies, and engaging in a national security threat simulation.

Directed by Corey Estes

Berkeley Theatre Insitute Logo
Berkeley Institute for Advanced Theatre Studies 
This institute is designed primarily for the actor who wishes to train in a rigorous, semi-private environment to prepare for the college or professional audition process. Students will learn to choose, prepare, and perfect monologues they can use for college pre-screens or auditions for professional theatre and film. In addition, they will learn to prepare for and create a successful self-tape, learn how to take a great headshot, and learn how to prepare a profile on Backstage. They will hear directly from professional actors, industry professionals, and college professors about how to prepare a successful audition, how to book a professional role, and how to prepare for a career in theatre or film. 
Directed by Chris Marshall 
Berkeley Journalism Institute Logo
Institute for Journalism and Communications 
In an age defined by instant information and digital connectivity, the ability to effectively navigate, comprehend, and contribute to the media landscape is more crucial than ever. Journalism and communications serve as essential pillars in preparing our students for the multifaceted challenges and opportunities that await them. This institute offers a one-year, elective course for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students to enable them to succeed in a world where critical thinking, effective expression, and ethical understanding are paramount. This will shape not only their academic journey, but also their roles as informed, engaged citizens in a rapidly evolving global society.   
Directed by CD Mclean and Christy Ortega Gaurkee 
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