Alumni Helping Alumni

The alumni association voted to approve a new five-year strategic plan, Berkeley Alumni 2020, at the annual meeting on May 30, 2015. This plan was created with broad alumni input spanning the decades. Our mission is to connect alumni with each other, their school and current students in pursuit of making a positive difference in the world together. Help us enrich, serve, and invest.

Berkeley Alumni 2020 Goals

1) Facilitate and enrich alumni interaction
  • Host additional social and professional networking activities
  • Build sustainable regional host committees in major markets
  • Establish an affinity group program to connect alumni around mutual interests
  • Present options for alumni to customize their alumni experience
  • Promote school traditions and core values shared across generations
2) Enhance the lifelong bond between alumni and Berkeley
  • Invite alumni back to Berkeley and welcome them to tour the campus
  • Identify additional on-campus activities for alumni involvement
  • Offer continuing education opportunities with faculty interaction
  • Create a strategic, multi-channel, interactive communication plan for alumni
  • Expand the membership of the AEC to meet new goals
3) Develop future alumni through mentoring and scholarship support
  • Cultivate internship and mentoring opportunities
  • Celebrate the impact of alumni support and share success stories
  • Enhance sustained giving recognition of True Blue Bucs
  • Grow leadership donors to provide additional support for financial aid
  • Achieve 20% participation for Alumni Annual Giving


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