School Life
Global Scholars Program

Extracurricular Requirements

Students will participate in at least two (2) distinct activities from the following and acquire a minimum of thirty (30) points throughout the course of each year in the Global Scholars Program. Point values for each activity are based upon the global relevance of the activity and the time commitment required for the activity.
  • Model United Nations (10 - 15 points per conference)
  • Debate (15 points per tournament)
  • Diversity Programming Team (10 points)
  • Participation in Regional (5 points), State (10 points) or National (15 points) Latin Forum
  • Participation in Spanish Competition (10 points)
  • Participation in regional (10 points) and national (15 points) History Bowl competitions
  • Active participation in Spanish, French, Latin or Chinese club (5 points)
  • Participation in Chinese Competition (5 points)
  • Active participation in Social Problems and Solutions club (5 points)
  • Attendance at a pre-approved global speaker event (5 points)
  • Presentation in convocation on a pre-approved internationally relevant topic (5 points)
  • Active participation in the Diversity club (5 points)
  • Active participation in Environmental Club (5 points)
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