The International Studies program provides students with a unique opportunity to experience other cultures and lifestyles in a variety of different countries and different ways around the world. It gives students the chance to learn more about themselves, as well as the world we all share. Each year, students from grades 8 through 12 travel overseas for exchanges, community service and study abroad programs ranging from 10 days to a semester or year.

Opportunities Include:

• Experiencing other cultures and lifestyles
• See the world and broaden your experience
• Learn a language in a country where it is spoken
• Expanding global connections
• Becoming citizens of the world
• Becoming more independent and building self-esteem
• Developing decision-making skills and adapting to new situations
• Developing friendships
• Enhancing leadership skills
• Challenging established ways of thinking
• Gain a new perspective on your own country
• Experiencing exciting and unique learning opportunities
• Gaining insight into another culture by helping them
• Obtaining community service hours in a variety of ways
• Receiving a fine arts credit while studying overseas


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