Early childhood admissions at Berkeley (Pre-K, K, and First Grade) seeks to identify those applicants who would be successful within the context of the learning environment offered. Based on years of professional experience, decisions encompass all the factors which predict a “good fit” between student and school. Specifically, our placement recommendations are influenced primarily by determining each child’s developmental level of functioning rather than relying solely on chronological age, measures of intelligence or academic achievement.

Admissions for second through fifth grade is a selective process based on assessment of a child’s classroom visit, previous school records, a current school recommendation and performance on achievement testing at Berkeley. The Admissions Committee strives to determine an applicant’s readiness and ability to succeed in our program as compared with current and applying students. Openings are limited at these levels.

Admissions Checklist Lower Division

Application Deadline: January 30
(Applications received after January 30 will be considered on a space available basis.)

Campus Visit
Lower Division Application
  • Application is best made in the fall of the year before anticipated entrance. We reserve the right to limit applications once available screening appointments are filled.
School Recommendation Checklist
  • Print and give the appropriate School Recommendation Checklist to your child’s current teacher after November 15.
  • The current school should return this form to Berkeley before your child visits Berkeley for his/her screening.
Screening Visits
  • Applicants will be visiting Berkeley for their admissions screenings scheduled in January and February.
  • Expect Berkeley to confirm your application via letter scheduling your child’s screening dates.
  • For more information, please reference the Lower Division screening dates.
Financial Aid
Please contact the Admissions Office with questions regarding the application process.
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Berkeley makes all admission decisions without regard to financial status. Families who have reviewed their financial situation and feel that help may be needed in paying tuition should apply for aid. Financial aid awards are available at any grade level to students who demonstrate need.


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