Berkeley Preparatory School's Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) department is pleased to provide one of the most diverse and complete arts programs in the Tampa Bay area. Our passionate and talented faculty offer expertise in a wide array of fine arts courses including painting, ceramics, graphic design, photography, wood-working, band, choir, orchestra, bagpipes, theatre, and theatre tech.
Students in Upper and Middle Division have the opportunity to select visual and/or performing arts classes while Lower Division students Pre-K through Grade 1 participate in weekly art, music, and theatre classes.
Our students have the opportunity to work side by side with Broadway actors, accomplished musicians, and artists from around the world. For example, Berkeley recently hosted masterclasses with the touring cast of Hamilton and Broadway actor Jeffery Binder (Lion King). Year in and year out, Berkeley musicals open to sell-out crowds. These theatre department productions are worthy of any professional show and are renowned for extravagant sets, talented singers, dancers, and actors, as well as a state-of-the-art theatre.
Each spring, artists from all grades participate in Concepts, an exhibition of their artwork in an off-campus gallery. In recent years, the Upper Division Singers have performed at a variety of events across Florida, including at Walt Disney World, and the boys and girls a capella groups have performed at a number of venues throughout Tampa Bay and in regional and national competitions.

VAPA's recent accomplishments and accolades include: Broadway Star of the Future 2019: Best Actress (Winner), Best Supporting Actor (Winner), Best Director (Winner), Best Musical Director (Winner), Best Choreography (Winner); World Strides Heritage Festival, Chicago 2019: Superior ratings, 1st place ranking-Band, 1st place-combined choirs, 2nd place ranking-Cantabella and Berkeley Singers. 


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