The Jean Ann Cone Library features more than 26,000 books, as well as journals, magazines, DVDs, videos and an extensive e-book collection. It provides students in grades 6-12 with a well-developed collection of resources designed to suit their curricular needs as well as leisure reading and activities. The library’s online resources include:
  • 4 full-text databases with newspaper and magazine articles
  • 3 online encyclopedias and an online dictionary
  • 2 full-text journal databases for AP students and faculty
  • 2 online history databases
  • 2 online science databases
  • a full-text database with literary criticism
  • a reader’s advisory program
  • a comprehensive bibliography composer with fully integrated note taking
The program of the Jean Ann Cone Library is twofold: a strong emphasis on formal research skills and the support of reading and the love of books and literature. Library research skills are taught in academic classes and are integrated into the subject content. The library staff works with faculty in developing the formal research papers required of students in grades 6-12, as well as many other research assignments. Beginning in sixth grade, there is a planned sequence of assignments that introduce, then reinforce, what students need in the 21st century. A strong collection of young adult and classic literature is accompanied by a large collection of literary criticism.
In addition, the Jean Ann Cone Library provides a leadership opportunity for upper division students in grades 10 - 12.  Students may apply to become student library proctors (SLPs) as early as their rising sophomore year.  SLPs run the circulation desk, checking books in and out to other patrons.  They also shelve books, maintain order in the library and perform special projects for the library staff as needed.  Rising juniors or seniors who are former SLPs may apply to become the head student library proctor.  The head SLP is considered to be on the same responsibility level as the head guide and the head prefect. 

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