God’s Plan

The reading from Isaiah today says, “for darkness shall cover the earth, and thick darkness the peoples, but the lord will arise upon you, and his glory will appear over you”. This is saying that when you’re in a dark place in time or going through something not so bright when you look up to him he will bring you brightness.
This is relating to a real life situation when recently over winter break I was on my way to Colorado with my mom and my family friends. We were taking two flights there one from Tampa to Dallas and the other from Dallas to Denver Colorado. But after my first flight was a very bumpy flight with a lot of turbulence and I am not a big fan of flights. So when all of the turbulence started I was kinda freaking out. But I knew it was going to be ok and I was just looking for the good part. Which was knowing that God had something good planned. So a couple of hours later we landed and I felt relieved. But once we got off of the plane my family friends told us we were going to be stuck in the airport for an extra two hours. Because the flight got delayed. This is when I was really down in the process of getting to our destination. Every couple of minutes when we would check if our plane is more delayed or if it was starting to go back to the original time it wouldn’t it would just keep getting more delayed.
This is when I started to doubt God's plan of getting us to our destination. After hours and hours of waiting, eventually the flight was not delayed and we were boarding the flight. I knew that we were going to get there after a long process, and after we eventually landed, we got in our Uber and  we headed to do our hotel. We arrived late at night because the flight kept getting delayed. So we went to bed and we woke up early the next morning and decided we wanted to go skiing. While I was going up the ski lift I just looked up to the sky and realized God always has a plan, even whenever we are in a dark place in life. It’s important in life to stay positive when things get scary and remember that there is always god looking out for us when things do get bumpy.

~Stella S. '28
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