Enlightened by Baptism

In the Gospel,  Jesus convinces John to baptize him in the River Jordan. Since John was one of Jesus’s disciples and followers, it appeared strange for John to baptize Jesus. However, the Heavens opened as Jesus emerged from the water after baptism. This sign from God was an affirmation that God was present and pleased that Jesus was baptized in the River Jordan by John. Jesus showed his commitment and dedication to God, his father, through his baptism. God then openly stated that Jesus was his Son and stated how he was pleased. I believe that this was one of the ways that God wanted Jesus to show his love for Him and show his followers that he was the Son of God and was sent to earth by Him to forgive them of their sins. Baptism is a way of giving yourself to the Lord, and when you realize the importance of God in your life, you are enlightened. Communion is another way I remind myself of Jesus’ sacrifice and God’s everlasting love. Truthfully, I am not as active and involved in my church as I would like to be. However, when I attend Tuesday communion, I am reminded of the importance of God in my life. I realize God is always present, bringing light and positivity to my life and helping me to follow him. This service reminds me of my commitment to God and encourages me to learn and understand more about my faith.

~Heidi K. '25
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